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Unlikely Friends: Ranger the Mustang and Grace the Senior Pony

In December 2021, a unique and unlikely friendship blossomed in the face of adversity. Ranger, a 9-year-old wild Mustang born on the open range in Fish Creek, NV, found himself in a kill pen, separated from his herd and facing an uncertain fate. Mustangs share an extraordinary bond with their family, so the separation was particularly devastating. Purchased from the Bureau of Land Management, he was headed towards a grim end at the hands of irresponsible people.

Glory Bound had never saved a wild Mustang before, but we couldn't bear to let this iconic symbol of America perish. One generous donor paid his kill pen fee, and our rescue team sprang into action. Mustangs require special handling due to their wild nature, and we needed help. That's when Grace, a tiny and weak senior pony, came into the picture. Her owner no longer wanted her and sent her to the same kill pen.

When the faithful day arrived to load up Ranger, there were just enough funds to save Grace too. Although unsure of how Ranger would react, we had no choice but to save both lives. To everyone's surprise, Ranger displayed gentleness and kindness towards Grace from the start. They even went into the same large stall together, where it became evident that she was his support pony, helping to keep him calm during the journey to safety.

Both horses emerged from the kill pen sick and in need of quarantine. Grace's health was particularly fragile, so they had to remain indoors together, healing physically and mentally side by side. Over a year has passed, and the bond between Ranger and Grace remains unbreakable. As kind as Ranger is to her, it's evident that Grace is the boss. Love knows no bounds, and Grace has been instrumental in teaching Ranger the true meaning of trust and helping to build a slow but steady relationship with our wild Mustang.

The story of Ranger and Grace serves as a reminder that friendship and support can be found in the most unlikely places. Their journey together has not only saved their lives but has also transformed them into symbols of resilience and hope. Together, they embody the spirit of Glory Bound Rescue Ranch, where every life is valued, and love knows no limits.

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