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Happy New Year from Glory Bound Rescue Ranch

We hope this message finds you well and filled with the spirit of the season. While we may be a bit behind on our newsletter, we want to express our immense gratitude for your unwavering dedication, support, and generous donations that keep our rescue thriving. Winter poses its toughest challenges, but with your continued help, we're working diligently to ensure the safety and well-being of our animals and volunteers. A heartfelt thank you to our supporters and recurring donors – your commitment fuels the heart of our rescue mission, and we couldn't do it without you!

If you would like to donate, click the donation button below. Your contribution makes a significant impact. Additionally, stay tuned for some exciting fundraising events on the horizon. We would love to see you there, sharing in the warmth of community and compassion! Here's to a wonderful New Year filled with warmth, compassion, and countless tails (and tales) from the barn! 🐾🌟


A True Christmas Miracle 

A Christmas Miracle: Gallant Building Solutions Transforms Our Rescue Barn

In the spirit of the season, we experienced a true Christmas miracle at Glory Bound Rescue Ranch – a remarkable barn renovation courtesy of our friends at Gallant Building Solutions. This heartfelt story unfolded when the compassionate team from Gallant visited our farm and witnessed the daily lives of our beloved senior horses and ponies, each with their own tale of rescue from the brink of despair.

Without hesitation, the Gallant team leaped into action, dedicating an entire week to breathe new life into our rescue barn. The barn, a sanctuary for these majestic beings, had weathered the storms of time, much like the resilient souls it housed. The team tirelessly worked to dismantle the old, worn-out stalls, replacing them with sturdy, comfortable ones. Additionally, they installed brand-new barn doors and a warming room, ensuring the safety and well-being of our cherished residents.

Jim Stahl, the owner and president of Gallant Building Solutions, led his team with unwavering dedication and a true sense of purpose. Their commitment to our cause was nothing short of a Christmas miracle, and we are filled with gratitude for their kindness, expertise, and the incredible transformation they've brought to our barn.

As we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of a time-lapse video capturing the entire rebuild, we extend our deepest thanks to Gallant Building Solutions. Our horses, our sanctuary, and our hearts are forever touched by the magic they've bestowed upon us. This Christmas, we celebrate not only the physical transformation of our barn but the enduring spirit of kindness and generosity that defines the holiday season. Thank you, Gallant, for being the angels our horses needed. 🌟🐴✨


Join the Miracle! Sponsor a Stall and Leave Your Mark!

We're excited to share some incredible news with our amazing followers—our barn has undergone a Christmas miracle, thanks to the generosity of Gallant Building Solutions. They've renovated our rescue barn, making it cozier and safer for our beloved senior horses and ponies.

Now, we're inviting you to continue this miracle by sponsoring a stall! Your support ensures that each horse has a comfortable, well-equipped space where they can thrive and heal.


Here's How You Can Be a Part of the Miracle:

Visit Our Campaign Page: Learn more about our "Stall of Love" sponsorship drive by visiting our campaign page here.

🏆 Full Stall Sponsorship: For each $500 full stall sponsorship, you'll receive a dedicated plaque on the stall—a permanent mark of your kindness and compassion.


Maggy's Journey: From Broken to Beloved!

Meet Maggy, formerly known as Wanda, a courageous soul who found her way to Glory Bound Rescue Ranch after a challenging start. Rescued from a high-kill shelter in July of 2022 at just 5 months old, Maggy bore the physical and emotional scars of a difficult past, including a fractured back leg and the enduring trauma of abuse.

But, every tale has its turning point, and Maggy's story took a beautiful twist when she met her new Mom, Jennifer. Their connection was instant, and love blossomed at first sight. Read more about Maggy's story from Jennifer's point of here


Winter Animal Sponsorships: Warm Hearts Needed

As the winter chill sets in, we're reaching out to you, our incredible supporters, for a helping hand. Winter is a tough season for all of us, and the challenges are even greater for our furry friends at Glory Bound.

 How You Can Make a Difference

We're introducing Winter Animal Sponsorships for the next three months, and we need your heartwarming support. Your contributions help us provide warmth, care, and nourishment to our rescues during the colder months.

 Become a Winter Sponsor!

Visit our Winter Sponsorship page to explore different levels of sponsorship and find the one that warms your heart. Every donation, big or small, makes a significant impact and helps us weather the winter storms.

 Donate Today: Help Us Brave the Cold

Winter may be cold, but with your support, our animals can feel the warmth of love and care. Your generosity is a lifeline for us during this challenging season.

 Explore Winter Sponsorships

Thank you for being the guiding light that helps us through winter. Together, we can ensure that every animal at Glory Bound receives the love and care they deserve.

Warm regards,

The Glory Bound Rescue Ranch Team 🐾


Heartfelt Gratitude to the Hammond Family

Heartfelt Gratitude to the Hammond Family

In the spirit of joy and gratitude, we extend a special thank you to our dear friends, the Hammond family. Their generous sponsorship of our veterinary bills for incoming rescue dogs has brought immense relief and warmth to our hearts.

 Paws of Healing

Thanks to their compassion and support, our furry friends are receiving the care they deserve. The Hammond family's commitment to the well-being of these animals is truly touching.

 Community Kindness

It's the generosity of friends like the Hammonds that fuels our mission and strengthens the bonds of our community. Your support echoes with every wagging tail.

Making Miracles Happen

Together, we're creating miracles for animals in need. The Hammond family's sponsorship is a shining example of the incredible impact we can achieve when we join paws.

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