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Our founder, president, and lifelong animal lover, Jennifer Finkelman, started Glory Bound over 20 years ago. Originally, it was meant to be a quiet place to keep her horses, have a few boarders, and give riding lessons. However, that all changed when she rescued a draft horse, Ripley, who needed Jennifer as much as she needed him. He forever changed her life and her path. It was Ripley’s rescue that helped evolve Glory Bound into the rescue ranch it is today.


No longer just a horse stable, it soon became a safe haven for horses, dogs, and a variety of other farm animals. With the help of a small volunteer army, dedicated to each soul that passes through our gates, most of which are senior animals or those that don’t quite fit in, we have continued to grow.  The resilience we have witnessed from our “residents” at the ranch is a true miracle. After living in horrible circumstances, most have overcome tremendous physical and mental pain, and have learned to love, and accept human touch during their rehabilitation. Finally, having found a soft place to land and a safe place to decompress, we have watched many souls bloom into their best selves. Some will go on to find forever homes and while others will live out the best years of their lives with us on the ranch.

Glory Bound is a no-kill animal sanctuary that rescues animals from abuse, neglect, risk of death, and abandonment. Every day we strive continue our Purpose to be a Voice for the Voiceless and are determined to RESCUE ON! 

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” ~Winston Churchill



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