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Over two decades ago, Jennifer Finkelman, our founder, president, and lifelong animal advocate, envisioned Glory Bound as a peaceful haven for her horses, boarders, and riding lessons. However, the transformative encounter with a draft horse named Ripley marked a turning point. Ripley needed Jennifer just as much as she needed him, forever altering the trajectory of Glory Bound.

What began as a horse stable has blossomed into a sanctuary for horses, dogs, and various farm animals. Fueled by a dedicated volunteer force, we embrace senior animals and those that may not fit elsewhere. The resilience displayed by our "residents" is nothing short of miraculous. Emerging from adversity, these animals overcome physical and mental anguish, learning to trust and accept human touch during their rehabilitation.

Glory Bound stands as a no-kill animal sanctuary, rescuing creatures from abuse, neglect, imminent danger, and abandonment. Our daily commitment echoes our purpose: to be a voice for the voiceless. We're steadfast in our determination to RESCUE ON!

As Winston Churchill aptly said, "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." At Glory Bound, we witness these profound connections daily, as many souls find solace, rehabilitation, and a second chance at a fulfilled life.

Welcome to Glory Bound, where compassion meets action, and every life matters. 🐾💖


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